Happy Clients


Marlis from  Hamburg shows in this colourful report how deep transfomation can be. I bless you, dear Marlis!

Dear Andrea Feodora, I had already heard of your skills and wanted to take part in a session. I was facing an exam and a clear mind and good energy couldn’t be wrong for this.
So I signed up and took part in May 2016 in Hamburg.
What I went through that night was horrible and I had fear of death. I wasn’t able to react und didn’t know how to help myself. After the session I felt sick. I have no idea how I made my way back home and how I went through the exam after all.

I was afraid, had fear of death, fear to drive, fear to fail, fear to humiliate others with my presence and to disgrace everybody.

I was sitting in a cage, which was too small for me, with every breath I could feel the bars poking into my body. Everyone saw me but no-one noticed me. So there was no help.

I talked to Nils (Golden Transformation Healing® Companion since 2015), who had already realised that something was wrong with me. I didn’t want to afflict him. He told me to call or write Andrea, but I didn’t want to!

I was absolutely sure: I don’t want to deal with Andrea ever again. Never ever!

So I accepted Nils’ help and we worked throroughly on my issues and I gradually realised that I was feeling better and I found stability in my life. I read a lot and “googled” in order to understand what I went through, what the things meant which happended to me and I found stability back in my life. I felt better and I went abroad for 3,5 months. This was the best decision for me. Escaping the routine and do whatever I wanted to. That wasn’t much. I felt weak and sick.

Time passed by and in one particular night (August 14th- 15th 2016) I saw Andrea in my sleep very realistically (tall and slender). She stood in front of me, I have no idea where we were. First Andrea talked to Jule and Nils and sent them both in different directions – past me, both were smiling. I couldn’t understand a word although I have good ears.  After that Andrea talked to me and I didn’t get the meaning of the words either, what did she want, what is going on? After that she was gone and I slept.

The next morning I woke up very late and my daughter asked me what was happening. No idea, I had a weird dream. And then she said: why are you wearing those plastic bracelets and why during the night? Bracelets? No, I am not wearing any. Wrong! But I was wearing all the bracelets on my left arm. How did they get there? They had been in my purse in the wardrobe. I couldn’t explain this. I was laughing about myself.

Back home in Hamburg I spoke with Nils about my experience and he said I should try again to take part in a seminar with Andrea. But I coudn’t let go. I wanted to sign up but I couldn’t.

I talked to Nils again and after that I had another conversation with a friend who asked me for help. She was having the same issue. We talked and resolved some blockages. She sent away her job applications and I signed up for further training and for your seminar.

This time everything was exactly as I had imagined. I was able to let go of and say goodbye to a lot of things which was a big relief. I wasn’t aware how much I had been suffering because of certain things. I have only light clouds in my head now and the pain in my gall, melt and liver are gone!

Thank you, Andrea Feodora, we will see each other again!



Freshly in the New Year 2017  a wonderful feedback report from Jana (Munich). The very first was from 2014. Dear Jana, I am very glad to be allowed to accompany you and I bless you!

Dear Andrea,
now I finally find the time to update my feedback report for you. I have posted the following on the 12th of May 2016 on facebook:
“Today is a happy day!!! tears, joy, no words! infinite gratefulness!!!

That’s why I am posting this for everyone in comparable situations. Easter this year I got to know that I had stomach cancer with metastases all over my body, amongst others in my brain and liver. Very heavy news, again – second time in my life. I had felt the cancer before, of course, but had denied it. Because I am on the energetic healing way, anyway, I immediately decided not to do chemotherapy. I am acquainted already with energetic healing and its success since my healing a year ago from the Epstein-Barr-Virus via the “Card to the Origin”.
I began “working” intensively with the “Card to the Origin” in single sessions, seminars and on my own, with and without Andrea Feodora Bernhardt.
I prayed each day and each day more of the cancer in my body dissolved. At first I had fear, then no fear anymore because I knew I wouldn’t die and had that much support! In order not to turn worry energy from others on myself I didn’t tell anyone of the cancer (with a few exceptions).
And now – just ’round about a month later- I am completely healthy again!!! Energy healing means such rapid healing!! And I can’t find words for my gratefulness!
Andrea, you ARE a miracle! You create miracles with such love an humbleness!! You are more than a guardian angel! I love you!!!! I love you!!!! Thank you, mille grazie, tausend Dank, no words!!!!! I got my life back!!!! Tears of joy!! Thank you, divine source!!!”

I think the post says everything. I have no words to say how glad I am to have been healed through Andrea. I use the “Card to the Origin” continually in my daily prayers, also for mother earth, to manifest, to clean food and much more. It really is wonderful. And I wish that many people who are in difficult health situations find their way to Andrea. Because the good news are that there is help in EVERY situation, no matter how written off you are by doctors or other people. Through Andrea’s example have I learned what unconditional love is. I have never before experienced such humbleness and devotion in the work for the human. And this includes to point to my shadow sides again and again and not to spare me from them because of false consideration.
How can I explain such a session or seminar with Andrea? At a session with Andrea  you feel very accepted and welcome in her beautiful practice. You are asked to lay or sit down and Andrea puts cards on the body where it is important at the very moment. The spiritual world begins immediately to send that energy through the cards which is needed right now. It feels like a tingling, I often see colours or get hot. I feel how everything in my body starts to move and blockades are dissolved. Sometimes I see pictures and in the conversation with Andrea many insights emerge what to change positively in life in order to get healthy completely. You feel very protected and cared for and you can feel that this portal to the divine source has not been weakened by human manipulation. Andrea stands in front of it and protects it so that it can not be damaged by the ego what I find very appeasing. Thank you, Andrea, for this possibility you provide for us! This is how it is possible to use the cards and Andrea’s sessions/seminars until you are ready to keep a permanent connection to the divine source yourself and not to frequently act through the ego – to keep the ego in peace.

Some blockades and issues can stick in the body more heavily. I have experienced that these want to go energetically through strong physical reactions such as coughing, hiccup or throwing up. But this does not need to worry you, it is simply the fastest way to leave the energetic system. It helps to stretch the body during the treatment so that everything can be transported out of the body and does not stick in the body. I also feel regularly that the energy raises throughout the treatment so that more and more stuff can dissolve. I have the feeling that the whole room vibrates. This was how the Epstein Barr virus and the metastases could dissolve very quickly. Andrea is always lovingly at your side and accompanies the whole process. In a seminar similar things happen, but it is a group session.

I want to encourage everyone who wants to try this out to do it. Everyone has his/her topics which are seemingly not solvable or which feel blocked in life (this can also be money issues, relationship problems etc.). And this is a wonderful method to work at exactly those topics. Before my first sessions I had also felt very strange, but this is just because topics are beginning to dissolve and this feeling will disappear during the session or seminar. Just give it a try!
The weekends are indescribable, too, so wonderful are they. During the weekends very special love and energy is built up  in which it is possible to get many insights about yourself and together with the others you can get to know the spiritual world and learn how to give sessions with the “Card to the Origin”. And it is always funny, it is not deadly serious but it is laughed a lot what I think is important in such a seminar. In the same time a holy atmosphere is created. Ambiguity about the spiritual world and disorientation can dissolve and every question is allowed.
Thank you Andrea for this possibility and for everything you have done for me and still do.
In love and gratefulness, Jana


Maria, now living in Munich 🙂 has already written the second report for  me. I feel your deep gratefulness and love. I bless you, dear Maria

Dear Andrea,

I owe so much to you, that’s why I want to update my report on this website.

In 2014 I came across your website for the first time, led by the angels. I had wished to meet an ANGEL LIFE COACH for a long time and ended up on your site, apparently not by accident. But fortunately you offered me your own kind of session with the “Card to the Origin”.
In the very first moment I knew intuitively that you could help me and that I had to come to Munich (to that time I still lived in Hamburg). I had had a chronic Epstein-Barr Virus infection for many years which implied physical restrictions for me, afflicted me heavily and allowed me only to “survive” instead of living.

That’s why I came to Munich, had a very first single session with the “Card to the Origin” and was enthusiastic about it! Already after the first session I realised that my body began to detox heavily and to “work” again! All organs that had fulfilled their function only in a restricted way like liver, spleen and gut, began to work again what was directly perceptible in my body.

This was followed by half a year intensive work with the “Card to the Origin”, two further single sessions and several seminars with you and the miracle became reality!

I realised how my body became gradually stronger and kept detoxing and after half a year I was completely healthy again! For detoxing I had continually sticked the card to my liver so that it could keep on working there.  A complete new body feeling! I had searched for help for a very long time and now a miracle had happened!
I am also consistently enthusiastic about other facets of the work with the “Card to the Origin”.  It is fascinating how fast karma, karmic entanglements, belief systems, things blocking in the subconscious or courses of conduct and patterns or patterns of power can be dissolved with the „Card to the Origin“ and how this is reflected in everyday life accordingly.

Since 2014 I continually work with the “Card to the Origin” and Andrea and I could experience it in many examples. For example that I gathered the courage and physical strength for a huge life change, to move to Munich and study sport science – something I had been wishing for a long time. Personal relationships have also improved since. I am steadily working at and releasing some extreme relationships which seem to be a life purpose (for example the relationship to my father and my sister). For example was I raised like an identical twin with my sister (maybe even closer than that), but we are not twins, just born on the same day. The result of having to part everything in our family was that we became dependent on each other completely and couldn’t live without each other. By now we could detach from each other a lot and continually work at the detaching process.

Of course I had to look at my shadow sides again and again in the course of the whole process  – something  people often don’t want to admit. But it is very important for the healing process  to be honest with yourself at that point. And I still have to.

Another thing that moves me again and again is the fact that the card cleans drinks and food and my water and food really taste better if I put it on the card. I also don’t feel the WLAN radiation anymore which is known to be harmful and which has disturbed me a lot before, if I put a card on the WLAN.

Until now I have participated in the Golden Transformation Healing® weekend as well as in the Golden Weekend for several times. Each time new insides opened up to me and healings happened and I could practice to give sessions to other people.  I am Golden Transformation Healing® Companion by now and enjoy it very much. I feel it is so exciting what is allowed to happen each time, led by the divine source. And I realise also that my light channels have opened up a lot and that I can perceive more clearly for myself and others. Moreover, the world of light beings is very exciting and sometimes amusing; today I have perceived a dwarf on my shelf who wanted to help me. I have not percieved such things before.

You encourage me continually to be more and more autonomous spiritually as well as personally which is wonderful because I am not dependent on anything anymore and I can develop personally and invest my own personality in this work. I have not been “certified” by you but I can and shall invest my personality. You have helped and taught me to find back to my own inner and outer strength and to live it and stand for myself  – something that has been oppressed in the family for years.

In autumn I participated in a 3 day Golden Transformation Healing® Weekend in Hamburg and it made a very special energy and love perceptible.
Through you and the use of the cards my manifestations are more powerful, my heart is more open and my prayers are clearer.

Andrea, I like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything; that you offer this healing to the world and for all you have done for me and still do, I can’t put it in words. For my health as well as for my personal development, my spiritual path and for the world. I love your humorous, authentic manner, your spirit, your unbelievable loving strength, your unconditional love and the clarity with which you convey complicated issues and I love it to work with you and the cards! I was allowed to learn so much!

From the bottom of my heart I wish  that this form of healing work and your work will reach many more people and I can only encourage everyone to buy a card or bracelet, to book a session or participate in a seminar/weekend and to simply begin because you can’t make mistakes and it is fun.

And I also wish this for mother earth since earth healing is something I got to know from you and it is very easy with the card. I wish that in the whole world people pray for mother earth with the “Card to the Origin” so that it can heal.

It is such a huge blessing to have met you!
In deepest gratefulness and soul connection,


Caro from Hamburg has written me such a lovely report. I am very touched. I bless you, dear Caro!

Recommendation and report on my experience for Andrea Feodora Bernhardt:
The greatest happiness for the thinking human is to have discovered the Discoverable and to worship the Undiscoverable calmly. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The first time I met Andrea was in the end of 2014. In this first session I initially got to know what it means to transform. I made the astonishing experience that energies and feelings began to dissolve with Andrea. It felt as if muscular tensions or inner pains such as belly pain would dissolve. I felt protected and shielded in Andrea’s hands then already. I still love her warm and loving manner, combined with her distinct humour. After this first session I made a lot of experience with several osteopaths, healers, meditation therapists and medical therapists over the time of about 10 months because I had the feeling to have to try everything out. In this time I got to know very profoundly how different people work, how touches and therapies of different therapists feel and how they effect me. I learned to see how different energetic fields can be, how and where they heal and how they support the own development or not. After this odyssey of ten months of experience and unfortunately growing afflictions, I recalled Andrea and my first transformation session with her.  Only there had I experienced an energetic field that was pure, clear and free from mental-emotional additions, and it did not matter whether it was Andrea’s direct touch or the energy which is built up by the cards. There, I found what I have always been looking for. Since then, I go to single sessions and transformation seminars regularly, and I experience great healing and development on all levels. Without restrictions. The cards are in regular use. I am so grateful and relieved to have found back to Andrea.

On an own interest, I learn a lot about energetic fields, not only in my osteopath training but also in being a meditation and yoga teacher. I am interested in the counter relation between consciousness and material.

The physician and Vedic monk Markus Schmieke describes studies in which processes are mentally changed that should – according to the physical theories –  happen independent of human will. And that’s why a pure field and pure energy, which is independent of human will, is essential for me – such as I experience it with Andrea. A field of pure love.

Rupert Sheldrake, British author and biologist, who does research in morphodynamic field theories, describes the effect of an energetic field on the human body quite to the point: “…in modern physics fields are the primary. They are bases of the material bodies as well as of the room inbetween…physical phenomena are explained by a combination of field and energy, not by energy alone. Even though energy can be the cause of change, the order of the change is effectuated by the room structure of the fields. “

The physician Klaus Volkamer shows that the human is connected with the whole multidimensional universe through his energy field. A new potential is born from this entanglement: seeing long existing problems of medicine, society and psychology in a new light. Volkamer proofs a form of invisible “field- and energy – like material”.

For me it is wonderful to see that science and spirituality can be connected, and I am allowed to experience it directly with Andrea. It is an experience of the Undiscoverable in the Discoverable. I transform and heal on all levels, gradually loose my physical afflictions and pains, and I return to inner calmness; my self distinction is growing. Andrea’s great love and truthfulness give me always growing inner and outer freedom. I can hear my inner voice again and I am connected to myself! I am infinitely grateful for that!

Dear Andrea, I thank you for all you have done for me, how you heal me and how you help me and what you have enabled me to do and still do. The special thing about you is the great love you give!

In deepest gratefulness, yours Caro.


Nils from Hamburg wants to share his experience with everyone. Thank you very much, Nils! Here his own English  translation:

WONDER-ful Healing of a slipped disc

I was used to lower back pain but one evening the pain increased to a level where I had to scream into a pillow. The only pose where I experienced only a little/ no pain was on all fours. I went through a lot of pain already in my life but only a few times it was this intense. I did not know what to do so I contacted Andrea Feodora Bernhardt.

To my surprise she called me right after she received my message – I was surprised because it was in the middle of the night. As soon as I talked to her the pain was less and came in waves instead of a constant flow. I really felt secure, taken care of and loved. It reminded me of the time when I was 15. I had a really bad accident and was in the hospital. I had the exact same feeling of being loved back then when my mother came into the hospital.

The next morning the pain disappeared but my right foot was numb and I couldn’t control my right leg fully so I had to choose: shall I go to a doctor or do I trust Andrea and keep on working with her? Despairingly I called the hospital and they said I could come any time. A doctor friend of mine already diagnosed over the phone I had a slipped disc because of the distinct symptoms. But somehow I didn’t want to go to a hospital and I thought: well, I can try this energetic healing thing and i fit doesn’t work I can still go to the hospital and get an injection.

So I trusted, continued to work with Andrea via phone and it totally paid off! It’s really magic: now after 10 days I have only a little pain left, the foot is almost back to normal and I can control my right leg again! I almost can’t believe that this is possible only through energetic healing with Andrea.

I have to say though: it worked best when I really trusted. As soon as somebody else asked critical questions or gave me advice like: „Oh my god, you have to get an injection otherwise you will get  lifelong nerve damage!“ I started to doubt and the pain came back to a certain extend. So you can do something yourself for your healing!

I hope my experience will help others to trust. It works!

Thank you so much Andrea for this WONDER-ful healing!


Jacqueline from Zurich (Switzerland) has sent me a wonderfully written feedback, so that others can also perfectly feel what the “Card to the Origin” is. I bless you, Jacqueline

Feedback on the “Card to the Origin” for Andrea Feodora Bernhardt from Jacqueline Graf

For years I have been searching a direct contact to God and I was determined for a long time that the direct connection to the divine source would gift me with redemption and freedom. But it was not my ego’s will to allow me the help of the divine source. I have been searching, like all of us. In the time before I got to know Andrea Feodora Bernhardt and the “Card to the Origin”, I have been searching rather desperately….and desperately asked for redemption.

I was allowed to enjoy several sessions with Andrea Feodora Bernhardt. It is unfathomable which miracles happen since I have been taking sessions with the card and with Andrea Feodora. I know many tools, with which you can effect a lot and can have incredible results. Thanks to the “Card to the Origin” and what was allowed to happen with it, I didn’t have to speak affirmations anymore and didn’t have to “anchor the new” in order to be able to live it in daily life.  Was the topic transformed, it was the way I had wished for or even better.

I was suddenly aware that with the “Card to the Origin” I had the direct connection to the divine source in my pocket. Yes, a wonderful abbreviation to God. The “Card to the Origin” makes it possible for me to get into direct contact with the source and for the source to get into direct contact with me, without human (often still influenced) mediators. I have heard that a mediator serves as a support until you are able to put yourself back into freedom. For me, the card makes one step further. It supports us without a spark of any coloured mediator (as good as the mediator may be), so that you find the connection to God unconditionally and without reservations and you can open up yourself – letting the energy of the divine source rush through yourself freely.

The transformation is so profound that it can mix you up a lot and the ego begins to boycott everything. This happened with me, and I knew I had to keep on with it. Andrea Feodora helped me a lot, so that my ego could calm down again and the divine source could again work with and at me. What happened after that was extraordinary. Suddenly, things worked out which had been unthinkable before.

You can work at a topic consciously and independently with the “Card to the Origin”. Meanwhile, you work at topics you don’t even know that they exist. All hand in hand with and led by the divine source. So that you become this wonderful free light again that you are basically, and so that you also dare to live it here on earth. That’s why for me the “Card to the Origin” and Andrea Feodora are the fastest and easiest way to transform what is not full of light in me, yet.

The “Card to the Origin” is a miracle, a blessing, a benedictory gift by the divine source!!!!!



Monika from Kempten (Germany) has written me such a touching email/ report on her experience….I had to cry immediately (Monika calls me Feo):

It is not really possible to write a report on your experience about and with “FEO”!!!

However, I am writing something like that directly after an evening seminar with her and four other lovely persons in Munich.

I am impressed by Feo’s naturalness, her cordiality, her clear instructions.

She knows very well where to touch, where to look at, where to press on the body and when to just let it operate itself.

Feo has her heart in the right place, she does not mince matters, her physical charisma is life pure in my eyes.

I, having an experienced, clever “thinker-mind”, am enthusiastic, because I know deep in myself:

I don’t have to “write down” or “recollect” all this wonderful experience and perceptible vitality in me – no, IT “is working” within me. It is transforming within me. It is pulsing. I don’t have to DO anything actively.

THIS impresses me most.

To experience Feo – with ALL that is in the room, in the group with me – to make a pause, to eat, to lie down, to take care of myself, to percieve all! “body needs” and to be allowed to speak all this out loud and to live it – is simply wonderful and INFINITELY HEALING FOR ME!

I am open for transformation after having a chemotherapy. I am enthusiastic about how much “poison” is diverted from my body and how much I can trust ME and MY PERCEPTION, unconditionally!!!

Maybe it needs a bit of courage to confront yourself with this process. Did I not have it, I wouldn’t have landed here (and you weren’t here on her homepage)…

Monika from Allgäu


Sonja from Uster (Switzerland) has written me such an honest “report”…..I really had to smile.  Wonderfully readable, “big grin”. I bless you Sonja! Just stay the way you are… 🙂

I met Andrea on some of Isabelle von Fallois’ seminars and didn’t like the idea of having anything to do with her. Her open and straight manner weren’t after my own heart.  That’s why I always gave her a wide berth. On the last course day another seminar participant came to me and showed me the card….at first, I didn’t know that it was from Andrea, and I could perceive a very strong energy. But on realising that it was Andrea’s card I wasn’t interested anymore:-).

When I had a session with a seminar colleague, I came into contact with the card again. “Oh no,” I thought, “not again!” So I banished it from my thoughts again.  But I didn’t count with Archangel Michael. When I went on facebook, my first sight was   Andrea’s  page and I saw that she was giving an evening seminar in Switzerland.  I couldn’t believe it. Again that card! So I asked Michael what that was all about…and, surprisingly, he said: Go to the seminar!!!! My ego defended itself and my solarplexus began to react. Michael said that I should enroll for the seminar immediately. I din’t want to, and my husband’s birthday was on the next day – so I wanted to talk with him first. And secretely I hoped that he would say NO.

But surprisingly or according to Archangel Michael’s guidance, he said: “Just go…seems to be important.” So I enrolled reluctantly.

On the seminar evening Andrea and I gave a short friendly hello to each other. I didn’t feel completely well, and I didn’t know what was expecting me. Michel just said: try it out on a neutral level and just let it take effect. So I brushed my resistance aside and opened up.

I was astonished that some things, on which I had worked a long time, were dissolving. This experience was new for me because I had always thought that it can’t be so easy. However, it was simply easy and successful.

My curiosity was generated and I began trying out everything with the card. I can really say that I have tested the card intensively ;-), and it works with such a lightness. It even works on skype or if you look on the homepage and ask for divine assistance. Cheers for the “Card to the Origin”!!!

And now I say thank you to Andrea, Archangel Michael and the divine source….thank you for their persistence. I can recommend the “Card to the Origin” wholeheartedly to every person, who wants to work with him/herself in daily life and who has no time to stand up early in the morning and do all the rituals and meditations. It is as effective as it saves you time.

I wish everyone that he/ she can open up for the card. Have fun gaining your own experience.

A deeply and wholeheartedly grateful Sonja from Switzerland

If you want to get to know Sonja, a fascinating personality, have a look on her beautiful website.


November 26th 2014:

Bettina from Wienersdorf wrote an article about a session with the “Card to the Origin”. She explains vividly how she experienced it. It was difficult to describe for her:-)

This is the link:

Sceptic Beyond Treatment Meets Magic

–> Wonderfully humorous, but with amazing depth. Can be recommended to everyone who has a queasy feeling about me and the cards.


Bettina from Munich wrote me the following email:

Dear Andrea,

We have been knowing each other for a few months now and I want to thank you officially via email. Ever since I began working with the “Card to the Origin”  – clearing my chakras regularly, cutting the cords, visiting your seminars and taking sessions with you, many things have changed in my life.  The path wasn’t easy at all because I had met my twin soul shortly before and many things had changed. But all in all I know that this stony way was worth it in the end – it is not enough to wish for a change, you have to do something for it YOURSELF!

My conclusion is: thank you for the wonderful, loving and professional support you gave to me! Especially concerning my head ache, which was the prior reason I came to you. The pain is just 20 percent of its former intensity. What a gift!

Please continue doing your work – I am sure you will help many people with it! I am glad you are here!


Jasmin from Grüningen (Switzerland) wrote this beautiful email to me, which shows clearly how every soul is connected with the divine and everyone can find out and feel for him-/herself how to work with the “Card to the Origin”:

“Ever since the “Card to the Origin” exists I use it daily! You introduced me to the effect fields of this symbol – or at least to some of them because I now know that the effect possibilities are infinite.

When I include the card into my daily work, I always perceive personal messages, which I speak out loudly, and I am always very surprised about the words because they do not come from my intellect.

And there are days when I just lay cards on me, or I lie down on the cards and wait what happens. Mostly, I perceive it like a wonderful possibility of “clearing up” and I can let it happen by itself – without doing anything myself.

And recently it was different again: I had to breathe out lots of energetic junk – and I thought I would fall down, had I not already lain down. Of course this feeling remained just as long as I got rid of the junk, and then I felt better.

Joker, my dog, could also feel the effect of the card, e.g. while his wound was healing and during a vet visit. He let the vet’s treatment happen calmly and trustingly, and his wound could recover more quickly than ever before.

I just try out, let myself be guided, and I know that I always get the right impulses and information to the right time. That’s why I use the card and the bracelets by myself – without any further human accompany.

Thank you, Andrea, for your being and for your work! I can recommend the card to everyone, who is ready for whatever can happen!

I greet you in the love for life and in the living of love! And I wish you much happiness with your mission.


If you want to get to know Jasmin – an impressive woman – click: http://ende-istanfangist-ende.jimdo.com/


Constanze from Birkach (Germany) wrote me the following wonderful email:

“Dear Andrea,

I find some time and calmness to write to you at last – to say thank you for the very long card session I had with you.  But it is very difficult to say thank you for something as strong as the energies you work with. I simply can’t find words for it in our vocabulary.

In our words:

It was greatly


a session which loaded and renewed my battery completely ,

in which I realised I still take over energies primarily from my clients and also from other people.

Shortly: I am very relieved that there is a person, a possibility – within these fine and high energies we all work with – who can help me as a therapeut to be completely cleared again and helps me with the repair of things that need to be repaired energetically.

I hadn’t thought such a thing was possible before, and I am very glad that the angels brought me to you to do this energy work.

I will come to you to be cleared and energetically attended to regularly, and I am so glad that you exist here for us!

Namasté and infinite abundance and success on your path! Yours, Constanze.”


Gabriele from Vienna wrote the following touching email to me: 

“Dear Andrea,

I want to say thank you for your existence. That I found my way to you and the wonderful “Card to the Origin”.

It is as you say: the card doesn’t need explanation. It is simply important to let go and let the healing energy work during a session.

I think I have already taken five sessions with you. They were more profound each time. I see how I am more and more centered and how I slowly gain inner peace.

I feel a big change inwardly, and each session was unique. Much forgiveness for a child I couldn’t carry to term happened in the last one.

I know her anchored in my heart now, and I can feel love as often as I think of her.

For that I am deeply grateful, Andrea!

Namasté, in love, Gabriele.”


Jana from Hamburg (Germany) wrote this email to me:

“My session with the “Card to the Origin” was a very special event. Surrounded by many angels and light beings and supported by Andrea, I could completely relax and let go of many topics and blockades. It was as quick and easy as I had never dared to dream of.

Sometimes several former lives wanted to go at once and I could simply breathe them out through my feet.

It was very emotional and I had to laugh and cry and could see some former lives which explained my recent problems.

It was very high energy which carried me and healed me.

And I could ask Andrea as many questions as I wanted, and she gave me a reading meanwhile. And her answers were always very prompt and were very specific and helpful – channeled directly by the angels.

After the session I felt peaceful, renewed and fresh, and I could see my life from a different point of view.

Before the session with Andrea I had been weak from a long illness – after one personal session and many seminars all symptoms are gone and my organs are renewed!

I am filled with deep gratefulness, and I still think back to the love and light that surrounded me during the session.

I recommend the session to everyone, who wants to engage in healing, but the seminars are great, too, and you can always let go of the things which can go according to your divine soul plan.

The card can be used daily for meditating, clearing your chakras or for cutting cords.

I wear a card over my solarplexus day and night, which helps me to lose less energy and to be more connected.

Thank you to Andrea, the divine source and the angels! Many regards from Jana”


Maria from Hamburg (Germany) wrote this wonderful email to me:

My first session with Andrea was wonderful and healed and transformed a lot. There was lots to laugh and cry about.

I could feel many topics go, also from former lives and the subconscious. Many days before I had already realised that topics came to the surface and that it began working inwardly.

During the session I felt very secure and safe, and I could ask Andrea many questions, which helped me a lot because I could achieve clarity. Afterwards, I felt happy and relieved, and also physical pain and problems could go.

The session with the “Card to the Origin” is a possibility for everyone, who wishes for healing and transformation on all levels!

Love, Maria”


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