Andrea Feodora Bernhardt

Andrea Feodora Bernhardt

…my personal path to the angels and light beings


How Angels
with Us

Opening up the “light” channels for the light beings


Happy Clients

WONDERful feedback reports of my clients and participants! Thank you!


Channeling for the “Card to the Origin”

June, 17th, 2014. Words that get under your skin…


I greet each person with a smile because smiling is pure medicine and opens  hearts.

I am happy about your interest in angels and other light beings. Feel free to explore my website unhurriedly and, if you like, to contact me personally.

At first it was very strange for me, too, to book an angel session or spiritual session. So take your time with your decision. Your gut instincts will help you to find out about contacting me.

2014 the “Card to the Origin” was given to me. The “Card to the Origin’s” strong effect is surprising to me ever since. It’s a divine gift for all of us!

I work with the card daily and give profound transformation healing sessions with several cards, and each time I am again amazed how strong a healing and transformation is possible for the user and how quick and in an incredibly soft way it happens.

Click Schedule to find out in which cities I give evening and weekend seminars to introduce the “Card to the Origin” to you (in Germany, Austria and Switzerland). In those seminars each participant may experience the “Card to the Origin” and its strong effect.

I would be glad to welcome you in a single session or seminar, to introduce you to the light beings and let healing and transformation happen for you.

If you knew how strongly the light beings wish to contact you, you’d be surprised and touched!

Many people are wondering why I do not advertise for myself or my products, why I am not to find on youtube or similar things. This is my simple answer to it: I do not want to advertise for myself, but I let people talk who have found help here with energy healing. I find this much more authentic and I do not want this to become commerce through advertisement.

Love, light and divine blessings to you!

Andrea Feodora Bernhardt

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