Explanation/Application of the “Card to the Origin”:

Use of the “Card to the Origin” in General

This is the important sentence!
–> Deletion of information from the subconscious: This is the important sentence…please read on!

Divine Blessings, All-Embracing Divine Protection and Divine Protection Magic

Dissolution of Karma and Karmic Entanglements According to the Divine Soul Plan

Connection of the Male and Female Side

Forgiveness for the “Demonic and Dark” Part You Have Accepted in Yourself

Connection of the Brain and the Spinal Cord with the Divine

Chakra Clearing

Aura Clearing 

Cutting Etheric Cords

Clean, Activate and Balance your Meridians

Activation of Energy in your Hands/Fingers and Protection Gloves for your Hands/your Body

Reduction of Electric Radiation/ Energetic Room Clearing


 The “Card to the Origin” as a Turbo Booster for Other Energetic Methods


For everyday life and as a wonderful quick preparation for a session:

Very Quick Chakra Clearing

Dissolution of Blockades from the Light Channels, Opening of the Light Channels and Sharpening for a Session


Golden Transformation Healing ® Companion (important!)


I also pray with the card and meditate with it, which makes it much more intensive. You can reach a condition of deep peace, being simply happy. Just try, if you like.

I am endlessly grateful and deeply humble for this divine gift.

I bless you all in love, light and deepest soul connection!


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