“Card to the Origin”

AndreaFeodora Bernhardt Karte zum Ursprung, www.andreafeodorabernhardt.com


This card is a divine gift for all of us!

The “Card to the Origin” explains itself when touching it. It begins to send automatically that energy which is needed right now. Just give it a try. You cannot make mistakes. There are no rules, just propositions for the use of this card. Intuitively you will use it correctly. It is very interesting to feel what happens… different for each soul.

I have been asked a lot why my name is imprinted in big letters on the “Card to the Origin” and silicon bracelets. I will give you an explanation, now. It was not my idea or the idea of my ego, but the wish of the divine source. I needed a long time to befriend with it. But heaven knows a lot better than me how something works perfectly.

This WONDERful card is a “companion” on your personal light path to open up for the Divine again completely. The day will come when you put the card aside because you are again completely open and connected and do not require aid or support anymore. This is one of my tasks: to give you this opportunity with the card, to always keep open a portal to the divine source for you until you can open it up by yourself naturally. Each soul is born in love from the divine and just needs to open up for the origin again. For this, ONLY willingness is needed.


After many requests, I write this as a little “warning”. There are some souls (not everyone though) who take the card in their hands or go on my website or want to sign in on a seminar and immediately feel one or several topics that want to “go”. This can be unpleasing or can even be scary! I also hear of incredible physical reactions, which are immediately sensible or even visible. But: This is not dark or negative, merely a strong physical reaction! The divine source dissolves the topics as softly as possible, but sometimes it cannot be softer as it is.

This is what I want to tell you…no fear!

If a topic wants “to go”, then just imagine to breathe it, figuratively spoken, “through your feet” into mother earth or directly into the card. Or you speak a special “sentence” which is very effective in releasing and deleting everything. If you don’t have a card by now, please fix the card above with your eyes while breathing out. This works well, too! By doing so you can (but don’t have to) use the important sentence, which has been given to me by the divine source.

By now, I also have wonderful feedback from people who visited my website for the first time and whose afflictions got better immediately. This is touching me very much and I am deeply glad about it! Everything is possible.

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